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The Port Melbourne Setting is fitted out with a  State of the Art Track. Auscarts always meets high standards by constructing a purpose built racing circuit featuring grading, sunken corners, A Pit Lane Bridge, three long straights, fast sweepers, two tight and two wider hair pins, two switch backs and much much more.


A world Class Layout makes an exhilarating hot lap and wonderful Technical challenge for your pursuits. Eager Racers appreciate the many passing opportunities while joy riders love the easiness around the Track.
Circuit Review

Turn 1 is a long, cambered, hairpin that allows a fairly high corner speed but is gridlock on the first turn of a race.

2 and 3 are fairly warm sweepers, watch for the turning radius decreasing into turn 3. Go in too hot and you'll get passed on the inside approaching 4. This corner turns through more than 180 degrees.

Turn 5 often needs some jostling with turn 6 providing a passing opportunity if your sequence through 4 and 5 is smooth. Turn 7 forms a left right combination with turn 8, braking into 8 provides more opportunity for the racer. Turn 9 is a quick sweep allowing some breathing room after the tight section however you must wash it all off again for turn 10. The balance between deep braking and setting up for good exit speed can make all the difference to lap times as 10 leads onto the first of the fast straights.

Turn 11 is a hot, long corner between two high speed sections, much like the Curva Grande at Monza. You should make it through on full throttle.

Turn 12 is whooping off the fast section in the north winding out onto the front straight. Like Turn 12 at Phillip Island this is a razor's edge corner that can make or break a hot lap. By the time you need to back off it might be too late. Final corner passes make for thrilling race results here.


Fortune favours the brave.

Auscarts Racing  - The Experience
Experience the ultimate at Auscarts Racing, located in Port Melbourne 5 minutes from the Cbd. Our impeccable service and customer care has earnt us an outstanding reputation in the corporate Market. We guarantee what no other venue can offer  a ‘Real Life Racing Experience’. Race in a Fun and exciting atmosphere against friends and colleges.

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