The menus cater for large and small groups. Chefs and service staff are available on request. Please book early, as arrangements must be made ideally two weeks in advance. Please read catering conditions in the Safety and Policy Sheet.

Catering terms and conditions

Confirmation of catering
To confirm that catering will be supplied, forward bookings will
need to be advised at the earliest convenience of Auscarts. Final
numbers and special requirements will be required one week
prior to catering requirements either by fax or email.

Chef and service staff
Chefs and service staff are available upon request. In general
when service staff are required, the earlier they are booked the
more possibility there will be of fulfilling your request.

Minimum numbers
All menus require a confirmation of 20 persons minimum. For
bookings will confirmed numbers below 20 add 10% per person.
This applies to all menus.

Weekend functions
All quoted prices are for weekday functions. For functions on a
weekend add 10% per person, on a public holiday add 15% to the
quoted price per person.

Special Dietary needs
Any special dietary needs require prior notice, we are able to
cater for all dietary requirements providing we receive notice a
minimum of 48 hours prior to the function.

Is required before food is ordered please see Auscarts terms and
conditions. On the day of an event patrons need to be aware if
numbers drop below for the catering patrons will be eligible to
pay for the number supplied. Changes to numbers will be
expected one week prior to the event.



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